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Managing and Reporting Disruptive Physician Conduct
Understand the impact disruptive physicians have on all aspects of the health care delivery process. The disruptive physician may create numerous organizational issues hindering the ability of the organization and its providers to successfully deliver optimal medical services. This disruptive force may negatively impact the relationships between the organization, its providers, and staff and the patients' impression of the organization after witnessing such disruptive behavior. The result may be diminished quality of care and increased liability resulting from such a toxic environment. Also, it may result in adverse accreditation or licensure issues due to such disruptive conduct. This presentation will assist those in various roles within a health care organization in recognizing what standards professional, accreditation, and licensing organizations mandate be in place to address such problematic behavior. It examines the impact disruptive physicians have on all aspects of the health care delivery process and explores the legal consequences for the organization failing to adequately address the situation. This topic addresses what actions may be legally taken against the disruptive physician while identifying possible liability traps in carrying out such remedies. Finally, it discusses legal mandates that both the health care organization and physician must be cognizant of in the delivery of care and what best practices should be considered by the organization in the event the physician deviates from what is required. This program will provide a platform for health care organizations and their staff to be prepared for and act swiftly to reduce the negative impact such improper behavior may cause while still respecting the rights of the physician.
Instructor: Patrick D. Souter, Gray Reed & McGraw LLP
Runtime: 65 Minutes
(CE’s: CLE - AHIMA 1.0 including Health Law and Compliance 1)


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