About Us

Medi-Sota, Inc. dates back to March of 1976 when the communities of Appleton, Dawson, Madison, Montevideo, and Ortonville came together with a common goal of attracting physicians to each of the communities through a joint effort, rather than a competitive effort. Through the years of added benefits to members, the consortium has grown to include 35 healthcare organizations.

Some highlights of past ventures include:

• Medi-Sota entered into a joint venture with MN West Community and Technical College to provide custom tailored education programs for staff in October of 1983. This working relationship existed until 2020 when Medi-Sota began managing their own education program. The program continues to grow and bring valuable training to rural healthcare organizations.

• Medi-Sota, Inc. and the Rural Health Alliance received a joint grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation in August 1995, to develop a physician recruitment program for participating members. This successful program resulted in the placement of many physicians and mid-level practitioners in our region. In 2001, the Rural Health Alliance and Medi-Sota, Inc. Board of Directors approved a joint staff recruitment and retention program to address the workforce shortage in the service area. The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care awarded a grant through the MN Rural Flex Program to assist with the start up costs for this program.  In 2015 RHA opted out of the program and Medi-Sota became the sole owner of the recruitment program, contracting a Recruiter to carry out recruitment activities.  In 2019 Medi-Sota also took on the role of lead agency for the 3RNet organization, assisting our healthcare providers in their search for candidates seeking positions in rural Minnesota.  The recruitment program continues to be an important resource for Medi-Sota members and 3RNet partners. 

Previous funding opportunities that benefited the Medi-Sota membership:

National Library of Medicine: Develop Library System of Coordination and Purchase Books & Journals
Southwest MN Initiative Fund – March, 1992: Consortium Management
Federal Rural Health Care Transition Grant – October, 1993: Develop a Rural Integrated Service Network
Otto Bremer Foundation – August, 1995: Develop Physician Recruitment Program
Otto Bremer Foundation – December, 1999: Tuition Costs for Nurses & Physicians for CALS Program
Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Grant – 2000: Develop Internet Based Health Care Supervisory Training
MN Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – 2001: Develop Allied Health Staff Recruitment Program
Southwest MN Foundation – 2002: Support Staff Recruitment Program
Otto Bremer Foundation – 2002: Tuition Costs for CALS Program
Otto Bremer Foundation - 2022: Staff Recruitment Program
MN Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – 2003: Tuition Costs for ALSO Training
Otto Bremer Foundation – 2004: Support Training Initiatives in Emergency Healthcare
MN Office of Rural Health and Primary Care – 2005: Tuition Costs for ALSO Training
USDA RUS Distance Learning & Telemedicine Grant – December, 2005: Videoconferencing/Telemedicine Equipment
FCC Pilot Project - 2007: Supported the Expansion of Existing Rural Telehealthcare Networks
Otto Bremer Foundation –2017 & 2020: Support and Develop Provider Recruitment Program
MN Medical Association Foundation - 2021: Support the Development of Quality ALSO & BLSO Trainers in the Region

Organizational Structure:

Medi-Sota is a 501 c3 non-profit healthcare organization. The membership includes the board chair, chief of staff and administrator / CEO of each facility. The CEO's act as the Board of Directors and meet approximately 6 times a year. The Nursing Administrators also meet quarterly.


President: Brad Burris, Administrator, Pipestone County Medical Center
Vice President: Brian Lovdahl, CEO, CCM Health 
Treasurer: Erik Bjerke, Administrator, Madison Healthcare Services
Secretary: Stacey Lee, VP/Administrator, Ridgeview Sibley Medical Center & Ridgeview LeSueur Medical Center

An alliance of rural healthcare organizations working together to provide customized value and services that will meet the individual needs of its members.

Contact Information


1280 Locust Street, Suite 16
Dawson, MN 56232

(320) 769-2269