Medi-Sota, Inc.


1. Contract with MN West College for member staff education.


  • A minimum of 40 educational programs offered per year (at least 12 for ancillary depts., other than nursing). Staff may attend most programs AT NO CHARGE. (A reduced rate is charged to members for specialty/emergency type training, such as ACLS/CALS/ALSO/TNCC, etc.)
  • New grant applications are periodically developed to supplement costs incurred for specialty training areas.
  • Media Library with On-Demand videos available for member access for educational purposes.
  • USDA grant funds were approved for members purchasing video conferencing units. Through this opportunity, we were able to expand our education program and make it more accessible to members throughout the region. Members reduced the travel and windshield time required for staff to attend workshops and training events.
  • Medi-Sota is also a part of the Greater MN Telehealth Broadband Initiative approved for funding through the FCC Pilot Program. Members needing more bandwidth for their IT initiatives were invited to participate in this project for possible increased reimbursements through USAC. (Upon request, the Medi-Sota office will provide additional information related to this opportunity.)
  • Our education program continues to include training for staff to remain compliant with regulatory agencies. (Example: HIPAA, OSHA, MPCA, MDH etc.)


2. Education is made available to trustees at the annual trustee conference held each February.   (NO registration fees required. Sponsors cover most costs associated with this event.)

3. Coordinate and share expertise regarding computer-based training programs such as the NetLearning program used by many to meet their mandatory compliance training requirements on site. Group rates are currently available for the NetLearning compliance courseware and web-based training for the system administrators through the NetLearning University.

4. A variety of trainers have provided education at ancillary meetings, including but not limited to:


  • OT/PT (APTA/MOTA updates and procedure in-services)
  • Insurance and Billing Personnel (Claims management/Collection training)
  • Pharmacy Directors (USP 797 & 340B Compliance)
  • Free training offered annually to business office staff
  • MPCA training and/or hazardous waste training offered as needed
  • Generator Maintenance/Safety training for Maintenance Engineers
  • Regulatory and Policy Updates for HR Personnel


II. RECRUITMENT (Joint Program with Rural Health Alliance Members):
1. Physician recruitment services for participating members require no up-front fees to utilize the program. Placement fees are invoiced upon placement. Current fees charged for placements include: $15,000 for Advanced Practice Nursing positions, $20,000 for physicians and $25,000 for specialists. (A recent emphasis has been placed on developing new marketing tools and expanding our presence at events held for residency programs throughout Minnesota and the surrounding states. We believe this will make our program even more successful than in the past.)

2. Staff recruitment program for members requires no up-front fees for recruitment of other allied health professionals. Positions filled to date include: Physical and Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Radiology and Lab Technicians, CT Manager, Ultrasound Technologist, Surgical Techs, Nursing Administrators, HR, HIM, and Surgery Directors. Placement fees are invoiced upon placement. (20% of annual salary, up to maximum of $12,000).  High level management placements such as CEO's are invoiced upon placement for $30,000.  

3. A Salary survey is completed at least annually. Some positions may be surveyed biannually if needed. This survey is conducted and owned by Medi-Sota and is not sold to outside parties. The administrator is the sole recipient of this survey, unless administrator requests another staff member receive a copy. (A few non-member facilities from the region are also invited to participate in the salary survey to provide as much comparative data as possible for the Medi-Sota survey recipients.)

1. Share ideas and identify areas that are important to our facilities; identify and share common interests. Look for opportunities to advocate for members.

2. Play an active role in expressing positions to local, state and federal elected officials, agencies and associations regarding important health care issues and legislation affecting our region.

3. Ancillary department networking meetings include standard agenda items such as compliance and cost-savings efforts. A workshop calendar and meeting calendar are available on our website at

4. Regular monthly administrator meetings and an annual planning retreat are held for the Board of Directors.

5. Bi-monthly meetings are coordinated for the nursing administrators.

6. An Annual Trustee Conference for administration and board members is held in February. Semi-annual Trustee programs are planned only if needed.

1. Preferred Vendor Contracts and/or discounted rates. A few examples include:


  • Mobile MRI / Mobile Pet/CT
  • Mobile Ultrasound / Echocardiography / Nuclear Medicine
  • Mobile Cataract Equipment
  • Infectious & Hazardous Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Generator Maintenance / Underground Tank Inspection
  • Computer Hardware/Software/Maintenance
  • Remittance & Denial Management
  • Statement Printing & Mailing
  • Timekeeping / HR Services
  • Chargemaster Software / Network Service Vendor / DDE
  • Encoder
  • Computer Based Learning Software / Courses
  • Online Multilingual Health Resource
  • Online Grant Database
  • Networking, Data, & Voice Solutions
  • VPN Network
  • Radiology / ER / OR / Pharmacy Equipment
  • Leadership Training
  • Evidenced Based Point of Care Database
  • Confidential Records Destruction
  • Temperature Control and Energy Management Systems
  • Fire and Safety Systems
  • Security Solutions
  • IT & HIPAA Security
  • Online Clinical Support Services


Contact the Medi-Sota office for a complete list of Cost Savings for Medi-Sota Members

2. Group purchasing: Examples include:


  • NetLearning (CBL Software and License)
  • Krames/Staywell (Printed Patient Education Material and Krames on Demand computer software)
  • Multilingual Health Resource Exchange
  • Ebsco Publishing – Clinical, Point of Care Resources
  • MSDSOnline
  • ER/OR Equipment
  • Online Policy & Contract Management
  • Grant Station Subscription


3. Grant dollars are periodically made available to support programs and reduce costs of equipment, software or training. This is dependent on needs, resources available, and time to prepare and manage the grant.

4. Preferred vendor fees support programs and reduce administrative costs.

1. Medi-Sota, Inc. shares ownership of Recovery Resources, an agency specializing in healthcare collections. Reasonable fees and good returns are available to members.

2. Group idea and information sharing among members.

3. Various surveys and data collection for potential group projects.

4. Website is available for easy access to meeting and workshop calendars, as well as On-Demand education videos.

5. Medi-Sota offers flexibility. While we work with a number of preferred vendors, no contracts or services are mandatory. Members may choose the services that best meet their needs. Members may also enjoy the benefits of other affiliations and organizations within the region, without having to choose one organization over another. We try to build on those relationships and improve rural healthcare delivery whenever possible.

Dues: Annual dues are $5,000 per year (billed as $1,250 per quarter). New members are welcome to join at any time. There is no formal application to complete. Typically, education fees saved and group discounts far exceed the dues, not to mention the host of other benefits made available to members. For more information, please contact Deb Ranallo at 320-769-2269 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Contact Information


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